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  • Welcome to our blog and website. Colors Of Life Photography is a professional boutique wedding company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We love photographing weddings and always consider it an honor to be part of such a special occasion. Peggy, Amanda and Damian hold college degrees in commercial photography. We are licensed, insured and proud members of the Professional Photographers of America. Take a few minutes and look around and let us know if we can answer any questions for you. We are always happy to sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss your wedding needs.

David + Tiffany Engagements

Meet David and Tiffany!! We just LOVE these two and can’t wait for their super intimate upcoming wedding. They were looking for something a little different for engagements than the outdoor nature type engagements and an indoor studio shoot seemed like a perfect fit! All three of us here at Colors of Life have degrees in commercial photography so being back in the studio we felt right at home. We love the relaxed and casual feel in the beginning yet we started to pick up a little “steam” towards the end!! We love couples that can’t stop touching and interacting with each other. Their love shines right through the photos. Enjoy!!




“What He Sees In You”…Ladies, this blog is for you!

We live in the ever increasing world of photoshopping images to create the “perfect” person. It’s often hard to tell the difference in what’s real and what’s not. We have all seen the sped up videos on YouTube of turning elderly women into beautiful younger versions. One of the more compelling videos recently shows a beautiful young lady being photographed in a studio and then the extensive photoshopping that was applied to the image to show the viewer just how extreme these photos from the photo shoot could be edited.

Another example is the short documentary Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models that follows women who volunteer to receive make-overs and professional photo-shoots. In the end, they were each surprised by their own appearance and found that the photos did not reflect who they really are. Our culture places a high value on unreal physical features and things that have been manipulated through the computer. Instead of asking “so whats wrong with that” we are just jumping in and making the statement that there is a lot wrong with that!  We are creating a society of insecure women who feel their own beauty is non-existent. There is no greater time in a young lady’s life than when she is preparing for her wedding day that she might face these own insecurities. We completely understand our brides wanting to look their very best on wedding day and we also understand the importance that we photograph them in the best possible way to minimize unflattering things caused by the camera. Understanding proper angles, flattering poses and beautiful lighting is very important to us here at Colors Of Life.  We are also able to view “beauty” from a different viewpoint, as well… from the Grooms viewpoint. We are privileged to see what “he sees”. As the professional photographer who has been trusted with capturing the photographs that will tell the story of your day, we get to see the joy and beauty that he fell in love with. We get to capture the expressions that are almost child-like in their expression of joy when opening a gift he has sent his bride on their wedding day.056_Callahan__PCP1131 We see the cute little wrinkle of the nose when she’s smiling and trying not to cry from emotion…285_Kucera__PCP5546

Or the funny little shift of the eyes when something makes her smile…082_Wheeler__PCP9396We see the way she acts silly and so playful when she’s enjoying one of the greatest days of her life with her twin sister…108_Evans__PCP0370

Or her with her twin sister…097_Hangen_1J6A9610

We will also get to capture that special moment when her eyes are huge and her heart is full of joy when her father sees her for the first time in her wedding dress. 087_FreddieCharrise__PCP0392

So many of these things are why he fell in love with her!117_Shannon__AMG5947  These are the things that will remain part of who she is as she grows older …132_Keys__AMG3117They will be part of who she is when the wrinkles start to come…093_ScottPart of who she is when the gentle glimmer of grays start to peek through in her hair219__PCP3530And part of who she is when she welcomes that first grandchild…110_Bailey__PCP9569These are the true markers of beauty…And she is beautiful!!

And so is she!!!380__AMG5232

And so is she….

As well as her!!!112_PCP7554

Only if she could see what we see!! 155_Cato_1J6A6763Embrace your own beauty ladies. Its why he chose you to share this journey of life together!


Cole + Kristi Say I Do!!

We are thrilled to share Cole and Kristi’s beautiful story.  You may remember their super sweet engagements from summer 2013, take a look at them here. These two could not have had a more perfect wedding day. What started as an overcast rainy day blossomed into a gorgeous sunny evening just in time to say the I’Do’s! Both bride and groom were chilled, relaxed and focused on what was important, getting married. The ceremony was followed by a stunning sunset just in time for a few portraits of the two. The reception was filled with laughter and love, and we are certain this was a memorable affair for all! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Howard!!


Winter Wonderland Bridal Shoot

We have waited a long time for the day to come when we could photograph one of our Colors Of Life Photography brides out in the beautiful snow. We had this opportunity a few weeks ago here in Atlanta.001_AlexaRay_alexara_snow_1_hqAs you probably know, we do not get alot of snow here and this snow-day was perfect in all ways possible. The snow was  powdery white and AlexaRay was stunning in her Vera Wang dress from the White By Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridals.

002_AlexaRay_alexaray_snow_2_hqDamian was our shooter for the day and this session is one of several we have planned this coming  year that will focus not only on the beauty of the bride but the environment, as well. Check back on the blog as we photograph these sessions and share them here.003_AlexaRay_alexaray_snow_3_hq



Jimmy and Ashley’s engagement shoot at Eclipse Di Luna

Ashley and Jimmy are such a fun and energetic couple and when they wanted to take their engagement session on location to a local place in Buckhead, we were thrilled to find out we would be photographing them at the wildly colorful Eclipse Di Luna. The place was cozy with a very artistic feel and the staff was incredible and welcoming to us and this awesome couple! We are excited to have Ashley and Jimmy as one of our wedding couples this year and look forward to working with them this fall at the gorgeous Monteluce Winery and Estates.001_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5315002_JimmyAshleyBlog_storyboard001003_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5327004_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5339005_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5344006_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5353007_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5356008_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5364009_JimmyAshleyBlog_041_AMG2507010_JimmyAshleyBlog_050_AMG2596011_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5370012_JimmyAshleyBlog_storyboard001 copy013_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5416014_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5420015_JimmyAshleyBlog_079_AMG2670016_JimmyAshleyBlog_storyboard001 copy 2017_JimmyAshleyBlog_storyboard001 copy 3018_JimmyAshleyBlog__PCP5574019_JimmyAshleyBlog_105_AMG2740020_JimmyAshleyBlog_106_AMG2758

“Do You Provide the Digital Files”?…Answering The Often Asked Question

The short and quick reply for us is yes…but hear us out on the reasons why. First, we need to clear the way for this topic that frequently can turn into a hearty debate amongst professional photographers by letting you know that we have spent a lot of time making this decision. We have come to this conclusion through a lot of experience photographing weddings, a lot of formal eduction on the history and technique of photography and most importantly, a lot of feedback from our wedding couples. One of the classes we had to take in our commercial photography program was the History of Photography. We selected alternative forms of photography to learn and spent the semester shooting images for the topic and then presenting those images in the form we had selected to study. The different forms included everything from cyanotype printing to the very elegant and expensive platinum/palladium printing.  It was amazing to see the images unfold as we developed them in the darkroom. The time in the darkroom gave us a perspective that we are able to call upon now when making business decisions such as where we feel the future of photography is going and how images will be displayed. Images such as these can be found all over the internet and through the wonders of scanning, we can see them and share them today. 1926-825px-Des_moines_wedding_photographers_photos_1 The future of photography and how we view photographs will change as we have learned from the past. There are blogs, post and pages upon pages regarding the reasons for not giving the proverbial “digital files”.  We simply do not agree. The future of photography heavily lies in the digital world until something else undiscovered comes along. We prefer to be on the journey into the future and not stuck hanging onto the past. Imagine if the photographers before us hung on to the past. We would still be using stereogram glasses to view an image.1039px-Holmes_stereoscopeInterestingly enough, the stereogram photograph was the precursor to the heavily marketed ViewMaster that would allow both adults and children to enjoy photographs.1280px-Sawyer_model_g_view-master_viewerViewing and sharing photographs has moved from a single print to loading several hundred onto the floppy disc drives then onto CDs and now the USB flash drive.Floppy_disk_2009_G1Its a common thing to see people viewing and sharing photos with each other now on IPads.IPad_2_Smart_Cover_at_unveiling_cropThe world of digital frames has made it possible to load an entire wedding gallery onto it’s memory card and be given as a gift to the parents of the couple. Who would have thought…50 years ago…100 years ago? SoftBank_PhotoVision_HW001SAt Colors Of Life Photography, we don’t know the answer to where the future is going but we do know photography has moved beyond the days of the stereogram glasses. We also know our wedding couples are interested in sharing their beautiful wedding images on social media and in emails. They like to send them to their friends across the country or load them onto their cell phones to share while at work.  But wait… “what if someone edits their photos or changes the colors of them once you give them the photos”?  They just might… Again…we live in the digital age. TV magnet and tycoon Ted Turner created a firestorm when he decided to colorize movies that had previously only been seen in black and white. People have been attempting to colorize and hand tint photographs for a long time. We strive to deliver a timeless and classic gallery to our clients and are hopeful they will want to preserve them as such. We also respect that the images belong, in fact, to the couples. Its their wedding day. They have invested great amounts of money for those images and we are not the guardians of their memories in that aspect and this point of the industry should never change. The clothing styles, music and decor have changed but the basics have remained the same through the generations. We have gone from this…WEDDING_DANCE_HELD_IN_THE_TURNER_CLUB_GYMNASIUM_IN_NEW_ULM,_MINNESOTA_FOLLOWING_THE_CHURCH_CEREMONY._NEW_ULM_IS_A..._-_NARA_-_558240To this….The story has remained the same. How we tell it and view it is the only thing that has changed. 585__PCP3806So do you offer prints and albums? Of course… There is nothing more impressive than to see an entire wedding day laid out perfectly in a heavy, artistically crafted flush mount album. A beautifully stunning 16×20 colorful metallic print is certainly an eye-catcher on a couple’s living room wall. Even more elegant can be a 16×20 canvas bridal portrait above the mother of the bride’s fireplace. We understand these things for sure. We also, however, are willing to move into the future with our couples and embrace their digital world. There is a museum in California that actually does digital displays of world renowned photographs…Check out the Annenburg Space For Photography. No…the sky is not falling. The world of photography is evolving and this is a good thing. Let’s embrace it.

We love Wedding Photobombs!!

Bridal Guide has put together a super cute article and gallery with the best wedding photobombs!! This was one of our favorites:)


Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 2.18.29 PMVisit our facebook page to see a few of our own!!

Check out the gallery here

A Sunday Morning Reflection on Keyboard Courage

Colors Of Life Photography interrupts your regularly scheduled wedding related blog post to bring you this:

The internet is an amazing thing; a tool with endless power. We may never travel to Thailand, but the internet makes it possible to experience far away lands from the warm seat in our living room. The web can build fortune 500 companies; it can sway a presidential election. The internet can bring fame to an unknown Joe; it can strip fame from the biggest movie star. Of course, there is a downside to all of this power; the loss of humanity and empathy online. Recently, we at Colors Of Life have seen the most amazing humanitarian stories being share on the internet. We have seen child prodigies exploring their talents and zest for life. We have seen a world embracing people from every walk of life whether it be culture, race, gender, sexual orientation and so on. We have seen people helping other people and even animals saving other animals. These online communities have been a tremendous resource even for us here at Colors Of Life growing our own business. We have also seen the dark side, however…the side where people anonymously make mean-spirited, hate-filled comments to these stories, and it can be heartbreaking.

Browse any of your favorite blogs or news sources, and you’re sure to see trending topics littered with negative and unconstructive commentary. We refer to it as “Keyboard Courage.” For some reason, there are a few people who feel empowered to type whatever they want without consequence. They think that they can remain anonymous and be as slanderous as they would like. The internet has revealed a bunch of, for lack of a better term, cowards. When did it become acceptable to openly criticize a child prodigy for their energy,  a stranger for their weight or complexion, or a person for their sexual orientation. We always say that people would not go to the grocery store in person and look the cashier in his eyes and tell him something disturbingly negative about himself.  Over-all, they just wont. Why? Humanity. We would never do this to someone’s face because most of us are genetically hardwired to live by the golden rule, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” However, the internet seems to have immunity from the golden rule. Just because something is easier to say hidden behind a keyboard does not make it right. Morals should still apply. We do believe, though, we will see a shift away from this activity with the most current ruling by  the Virginia Court Of Appeals that YELP must turn over the names of “anonymous” reviewers who have attempted to destroy a local carpet cleaning business as reported in The Washington Post. Let’s all make an effort to bring humanity back to this cyber world known as the internet. The cyber world can be an amazing place. It brings so many creative and positive things to our fingertips. It’s even the place we often interact with our own Colors Of Life families…our brides and grooms…and seniors…and our friends.  Its the place we share the most amazing stories from our own clients and their families. Its the place we get to showcase the beauty of all of our wonderful brides. As we say sometimes, “everyone’s beautiful…it’s peoples eyes and hearts that can be ugly”. For us, every bridal couple we have worked with is beautiful…every senior we  have shot is amazing…every person we encounter is worthy of human respect.

Here are a couple of links to some interesting perspectives on this topic. Check them out if you have a minute or two.

Don’t let Keyboard Courage get the best of you. Everyone is a good person at heart. Show your heart. Think before you type.

We now return you to your regularly schedule wedding related blog posts.

A Letter To Becky Swales

Dear Becky,

Let us first start by saying that You and Otis have raised three beautiful daughters. In the short time we have known them, they’ve become our family. We’ve established a bond with your girls unlike any we’ve shared in the past. Jodie, Kaylee and Sarah have changed our lives. They’ve shown us what true resilience is. They’ve shown us what really matters. Your daughters have given us the gift of perspective.

Some may call us crazy for agreeing to document 3 weddings at the same time and that’s OK.  We consider ourselves as fortunate and honored to do so. We were so grateful your girls invited us into the most important day of their lives. Not only were they saying “I do” to the men of their dreams, but they were able to have you there to witness it.

When we were approached about their weddings, we were in the middle of a schedule that was ready to burst at the seams. We moved things around and pulled in help where we needed it. Your daughters became a huge priority for us. All of the struggles we faced that month were absolutely worth it. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. If we never got paid a single dollar for the rest of our time as wedding photographers, we’d be fine with that. Of course we did this for your girls, but we also did it for us. We did this for all of the people we have lost in our lives; our relatives, our friends, even people we don’t know. We did this for everyone uncomfortable with the subject of cancer; those who are so uncomfortable and fearful with it that they ignore the topic until it’s too late. We did this for those struggling and those who have conquered. We did this for everyone.

Once again, Jodie, Kaylee, and Sarah gave us far more than we could ever give them. Perspective has changed our lives.

You’ve left your mark with these beautiful girls; You’ve left your mark on us. Way to go and thank you Becky.

Peggy, Amanda,Damian and our wonderful assistant Keri
Colors Of Life Photography


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